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Tractor Trailer Wrecks

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

No matter where in South Carolina, from Spartanburg to Lexington to Charleston, 18-wheelers are required to abide by Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) laws. This is in part due to their ability to inflict excessive harm on other drivers. When a trucking company violates these laws or hires bad drivers, the company is putting every member of the community in danger. Luckily, many federal and South Carolina regulations exist to make eighteen-wheelers safer. Also, the law requires these trucks to maintain at least $750,000.00 in insurance coverage. So, although you may have been injured by one of these big rigs, there should be ample coverage for attorney James C. Johnson to help make you whole. Who is Responsible Liability in semi wrecks may come from many different areas. Company Liability: the company hires unqualified drivers; the company retains employees who endanger the public; the company fails to supervise its drivers; the company fails to abide by state and federal regulations Driver Liability: negligent driving; driving distracted; violation of other state traffic statutes; reckless driving Other Liability: other sources of liability may exists in the owner of the truck or trailer, the maintenance operation, the shipper, the loader, the lessor of any of the equipment It is important to get a jump on the case to determine who the liable party/ies are and so that The Johnson Law Firm of Greenwood may begin the process of getting you full compensation for your life and health changes. Main Causes of Trucking Wrecks The most common cause of wrecks in general that we see is distracted driving. This is no different in 18-wheeler wrecks. However, trucking wrecks typically have other causes, like driver fatigue, company training problems, company failures to evaluate drivers or potential employees, and general violations of federal statutes that lead to wrecks. What to Look for in an Attorney When looking for a lawyer to represent you in a tractor trailer wreck, be sure to find someone who not only wants to see you get better and have you made whole through a settlement or verdict, but someone who will also help show the company that they did wrong. Our firm's focus is on our clients and on helping the community understand others' wrongs so that we can help the wrongdoer eliminate their actions. A safer community is better for all South Carolinians. I have seen too many 18-wheeler wrecks through the I-95 corridor, from Allendale to Orangeburg to Marlboro. Why it is Important to Act Quickly Acting rapidly is the best way to preserve evidence in any case. Having a quick response to your eighteen wheeler wreck claim allows you to solidify the jurisdictional determination. It helps prevent the loss of truck data from the at-fault driver. It helps us to better develop the punitive damage portion of your case (the part that forces payment by the at-fault company for their reckless actions). Most importantly, it helps avoid any issues with the applicable statutes of limitation. Give James a call today to get moving on your trucking case. We are here to help you and keep the community safe.

This article is from Littlejohn Law LLC's legal blog. It is copied with permission from its author, Columbia, South Carolina personal injury attorney Andrew Littlejohn Johnson, Esq.

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